Thursday, October 30, 2014

121) Blueprints

In this game each player is secretly building a 6-dice structure based on their blueprints. There is a common pool of dice and each round a player selects a dice from this pool and replaces it with another random dice. The selected die gets added to your building. Once all players have selected 6 dice the structures are revealed and scored. Each color dice scores slightly differently and there are bonus score cards.

Getting set up 
My secret building 
Successfully completed this one

This game felt fairly unique and had an interesting use of dice. This game may suffer a little bit from players getting lucky off of good dice rolls or players that go first getting their choice of obviously better dice, but there are enough different goals that this is mitigated a bit. There is some strategy, but after a couple plays I can see this game getting a bit redundant. Thats compounded by the fact that there's only so many ways to stack six dice and while there are lots of different blueprint cards they are all basically the same. Unfortunately that makes this game a bit repetitive.

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