Wednesday, October 29, 2014

118) Ginkgopolis

Every time I play this game I think to myself 'Now I remember why I loved this game so much'. There's so much going on despite the fairly straight forward game play. Essentially each turn you choose a card to play (then pass the rest to the next player). Once everyone has selected a card each player goes around and resolves their card, which often adds tiles to the central shared board and can also add cards to an individuals collection. The cards you collect give added bonuses and as the game progress your turns continue to be more profitable. There is also an aspect of area control on the center board that I haven't quite mastered yet.

Just getting started 
View of a 4-player game
Shared board is getting crowded
Individual cards and endgame score

I think this game is awesome. They packed so much strategy into a neat game. The one potential downfall is the lack of a theme. You expect with a cool name like ginkgopolis to have a sweet theme, but it doesn't measure up. This doesn't bother me so much and this game still gets top marks from me.

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