Sunday, October 19, 2014

113) Jaipur

A fun card game where you're collecting and turning in groups of like cards to then gain points based on how many cards are in your set. The points in each colored set go down as cards are turned in, but you get bonus points for turning in larger groups of cards - thus there is a good push and pull of wanting to turn in cards first, but also wanting to have more of the card type.

Ready to start
First round point total
Resource cards
This has been on my 'want to play' list for a long time. It was definitely fun. The games I played were a bit swingy with the camel mechanic such that one player would be in complete control for a couple turns and then the other player would take control. Despite that I really enjoy games with the tension of wanting to do more being balanced with deciding when to cash in. Overall a good game. I don't think I would rush out and buy it, but would enjoy playing again.

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